Massage Therapy Induces Overall Well-being

Massage therapy uses massage to improve blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, increase flexibility and reduce pain in joints. It has been used for thousands of years and, today, there are over 80 different styles of massage therapy that include several physiotherapy movements such as pressure, kneading and long strokes that impact the superficial layers of muscle as well as the deep layers. Usually a medicated oil or lotion is used.

For sports people, massage therapy has been shown to produce a competitive edge when it is part of their regular routine. A large part of this comes from the psychological benefit of total body awareness and total relaxation. The massage therapist uses physiotherapy to detect a tight hamstring, muscle spasm or tension and remove this resistance. It is also used for trigger point massage and deep tissue massage for myofascial trigger points and to relax painful muscle knots.

Massage was used as a medicinal practice in ancient China, India, Japan, Greece, Rome, Egypt and Arabia. During the Renaissance, massage became very popular in Europe, and in the 1850s, Swedish massage was introduced in the United States by two American physicians. Today, it is used to relieve pain, reduce stress, rehabilitate sports injuries, increase relaxation, relieve anxiety and depression and for general wellness.

Massage therapy is practiced in several kinds of settings, but usually in a quiet, calm place. Private health care offices, nursing homes, hospitals, fitness and sport facilities and spas are some of the places massage therapists practice.

The patient lies on a massage table undressed and covered with loose clothing or a sheet. The therapist may spend up to an hour massaging different parts of the body especially the neck, shoulders, spine, legs and feet. For those looking for massage therapy, they need to know the reason for the massage. Do they want a relaxing session of stress relief or do they need serious physiotherapy on a certain part of the body? The reason should be told to the therapist, so they can give the right kind of treatment.

Swedish massage is the most common type of therapy. It has four common strokes including a smooth stroke to relax soft tissue, a squeezing, kneading, rolling stroke, a deep circular stroke that increases blood flow and breaks down scar tissue and a short tapping movement.

Aromatherapy massage uses scented plant oils that are good for specific conditions. In a hot stone massage, hot stones are placed on certain points of the body to loosen tight muscles. Deep tissue massage targets internal muscles, organs and tissues. It is good for chronic pain from muscle tension. Shiatsu is Japanese massage that uses finger pressure on acupuncture points. Thai massage uses gentle pressure on points to align the energy of the body. The therapist also stretches the body into certain postures. Reflexology or foot massage applies pressure to points on the bottom of the foot that correspond to different organs in the body. Sports massage targets those who engage in great physical activity.

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Determine the Cause of Dry Mouth to Prevent It

If you suffer from a dry mouth, you know the discomfort and pain that can come with this condition. Also known as xerostomia, a chronically parched mouth can result in a raw throat, and irritated tongue, difficulty swallowing and tasting and cracked lip sores. The good news is that this condition is easily treatable. The tricky part is determining why your mouth is dry, as this ailment can be brought on by a host of other conditions from simple dehydration to a reaction to medications. In order to cure and prevent future bouts of a parched mouth, you must first determine the specific cause of your problem.

One of the most obvious reasons for mouth dryness, along with itchy red eyes, dry skin and fatigue, is a lack of saliva caused by dehydration. A study conducted by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies showed that to stay properly hydrated the average woman requires about 2.7 liters of water a day from food and beverages, while the average male requires 3.7 liters daily. Those who live in hot climates or are physically active need more water to replace fluids lost through sweat. Another factor is the amount of sodium in the diet. Too much sodium and too little potassium can also cause dehydration. To treat mouth dryness caused by dehydration, consider increasing your intake of fluids, cutting out high-sodium snacks and increasing your potassium intake with a banana at breakfast.

Smoking and Chewing Tobacco Habits
Dry mouth can also be linked to unhealthful habits, such as smoking and chewing tobacco, which can inhibit saliva production. Likewise, smokers and those who chew tobacco are more likely to breathe through their mouths, which will also leads to dryness. If using tobacco products is causing your mouth to be dry and irritated, consider taking steps to quit. You can also try sucking on sugar-free candy or chewing sugarless gum to stave off cravings and encourage saliva production. The health benefits of your choice will extend far beyond curing your chronic dry mouth!

Prescription Side Effects
Many prescription drugs for medical conditions as diverse as Parkinson’s Disease, depression, incontinence and acne can lead to a decrease in saliva production. If you noticed that your experience of mouth dryness coincided with the start of a new medication, let your doctor know. You might be able to change your prescription or receive an additional prescription for medicine that can help stimulate salivary glands and counter the effects of other medications.

Symptoms of Disease or Infection
A parched tongue can also be symptomatic of certain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, hypertension, anemia or cystic fibrosis. Infections, such as mumps and HIV can also lead to a dried out mouth. If you are diagnosed with one of these ailments, ask your doctor to prescribe a medicine that can help regulate your salivary glands or consider over-the-counter saliva replacement formulas.

Cancer Treatments
Common treatments for cancer, such as chemotherapy or radiation can also damage salivary glands and lead to dryness. Surgery in the head and neck area can also cause nerve damage leading to mouth dryness. In these cases, doctors can prescribe special oral rinses to restore your mouth’s moisture levels. In addition, using a cool mist humidifier in your bedroom at night can help alleviate the problem while you sleep.

There are many treatments available to cure and prevent dry mouth; the key is determining the specific cause of your condition.

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A Guide to Weight Loss: What You Should Know

A Guide to Weight Loss: What You Should Know

Considering Health When Dieting

Dieting has long been a favored way to lose weight. Apart from exercising, it can be one of the healthiest ways to lose weight. However, there are diets that are only geared toward losing weight with no regard for the impact the diet has on the body. Dieting should always be undertaken with safety and effectiveness in mind. If the diet does not suit any exercise undertaken, the physical condition of the dieter and the dieter’s body type, it can have severe ramifications.

Caloric Intake

One of the main methods of losing weight via dieting is reduction of caloric intake. While reducing calories to lose weight is effective, the reduction should not be too great. The height, weight, age and exercise level of the individual must be taken into account before deciding on a caloric intake. The overall health of a person should also be taken into account. If there is an illness present that may be exacerbated by rapid loss of weight, it is prudent to speak to a physician before dieting. For individuals who are heavy, calorie intake should drop gradually. Use a calorie calculator or a doctor’s advice to decide the best calorie intake for safe weight loss.


When focusing on dieting, the focus should not only be on caloric intake. It should ideally be on what foods are being ingested. Unhealthy, fatty and sugary foods should be eliminated as much as possible. Not only do they contain a lot of calories, but they also undermine the health goals of a diet. Extra care should be taken to include grains, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and healthy meats into the diet as well. In cases where exercise is included in a weight loss plan, the body’s needs for that exercise should also be taken into account. Protein and calcium are just a few examples of such needs.

Water Intake

Another aspect of dieting that is important is water intake. Water is essential to healthy dieting and can also help an individual feel full when food intake is lowered. Water should ideally replace any liquid, unless the diet is a liquid diet containing drinks with lots of nutrients. Replacing other liquids with water helps ensure that calories ingested are from nutrient-rich foods. It also helps eliminate intake of unhealthy drinks like coffee and soda. This is not to say that one should intake more than the recommended amount of water, but rather that dieters should ensure that their water ingestion is not from drinks that contain sugar, calories and/or sodium.

Weight loss is something for which many people strive. However, it is not always necessary and should always be comfortable, safely gradual and healthy. This is crucial to maintaining a weight once the goal is reached. A diet is is very difficult for some so it is tempting to cut corners to reach goals faster. In the long run, this hurts the body, rendering the weight loss moot. If a diet results in being unhealthy, tired and underfed, the feelings it produces will make it even harder to stay on the diet as well.

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The Advantages of Medical Scrubs

Nearly anyone who has worked in the medical field has worn scrubs at some point. While this is the common uniform worn by doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals, many people do not understand why they are so prevalent. Medical scrubs offer many benefits to those who wear them, as well as their patients.

Keeping Things Sanitary

Medical scrubs serve as a protective covering for health professionals. Their full coverage design protects the wearer from bodily fluids or other dangerous spills. Frequently, doctors change into scrubs after arriving at work, or prior to beginning a surgery. This is to protect the patient. Doctors, nurses, and other individuals can carry infectious germs in on their clothing. Scrubs, which can be cleaned and sanitized, prevent the spread of infection.

Sturdy Materials

As noted above, it is important for hospitals and other locations to be kept sanitary for patients. Medical scrubs are comprised of material that is easy to clean. Their study nature allows the product to undergo rigorous cleaning. Frequently, hospitals or other locations sanitize scrubs in an autoclave. An autoclave is a high temperature oven that kills bacteria and other infectious organisms. Most articles of clothing are not built to withstand this heat. However, scrubs are built without snaps or other materials that may become damaged from high temperatures.

Provide Comfort

Medical professionals spend a lot of their time on their feet. Many of these individuals spend time lifting patients, taking vitals, or operating. This physical work requires the ability to move. Scrubs, which feature loose fitting sleeves and pant legs, as well as elasticized waists, allow those wearing them to move comfortably. This ensures that doctors and nurses can complete their job, and maintain their comfort, as well.

Available in Many Styles

In the old days, most scrubs were offered in white. However, many manufacturers now offer a variety of colors and patterns. Although white may look traditional, it is a very difficult color to keep clean. Now most individuals who are at risk for stains choose a blue or green color. Stain removal is much easier on these darker fabrics. Those working in venues where they are unlikely to get stains may still wear the more classic white scrubs. In addition to these more sedate styles, scrubs are available in many other colors. Whether looking for a pink, yellow, or something in between, scrubs can be found in any color. Different designs, including cartoon characters, flowers, or even breast cancer ribbons, can also be purchased. Many medical professionals choose these styles as a way to interact with patients that may enjoy the humor or inspiration that certain designs can bring.

Not Just For Health Professionals

Medical scrubs are clearly the style of choice for health professionals. However, scrubs are easily accessible to others. Many people choose scrubs as a cheap, comfortable, and easy to clean option for activities where they may get dirty. Whether a doctor, nurse, or someone who simply appreciates the utility, scrubs are a valuable resource.

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Slimband: The Way To Permanent Weight Loss

Obesity has become a major problem in the U.S., and the problem has been steadily increasing over the last twenty years. Obesity has a variety of causes and can be difficult for some to overcome without knowledge and help. For those who are ready to shed excess pounds, the Slimband may be an extremely beneficial tool in helping them to attain a healthy weight and maintain it for a lifetime.

Obesity can be due to a variety of factors. While behaviors such as bad eating habits and too little exercise definitely leads to excess pounds, there is also evidence that genetics play a role for some. Furthermore, culture, environment and metabolism may also contribute to the struggle of losing pounds. It can be difficult for some whom no matter how much they diet and exercise, still cannot manage to achieve lasting and permanent weight loss. This may lead to feelings of failure and the dreaded yo-yo dieting syndrome where fad diets are tried with minimal success, and usually the pounds return with a few more added on.

The band helps in several ways. This procedure involves a gastric band that is placed on the upper part of the stomach. This is done via a laparoscopic procedure, so it is less invasive than other procedures. It only takes 30 minutes to put in place and it is done on an outpatient basis. This means the individual can go home the same day. Limited time is lost at work; often times a week or less is needed for recovery. This band is periodically tightened to help individuals feel fuller faster. It also works by slowing down the digestion process so feelings of hunger are avoided. Weight loss is rapid shortly after the band is placed, and then individuals can expect to lose one to two pounds per week.

The band stays in place and can be adjusted as needed therefore weight loss is permanent. Consultation is available for those who choose this life-altering procedure, and advice on healthy eating habits and the proper way to include an exercise regimen is offered. The band helps with recognizing feelings of fullness and helps individuals realize when to stop eating. It eliminates the need to count calories and cuts down on the temptation to binge on unhealthy foods that lead to weight gain.

With obesity comes many health ailments. Hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease are just a few of the side effects of excess pounds. It is imperative that those who struggle with extra pounds find a way to shed them and maintain a healthy weight. Slimband can help some to overcome the harmful cycle of yo-yo dieting. It can put individuals on the right path to permanent weight loss and a healthier more productive life. Of course, healthy eating habits and exercise are necessary, but this gastric band helps those find the confidence to change their lifestyle. For those fed up with fad diets and unhealthy supplements that claim to speed up metabolism and reduce weight, Slimband is an excellent alternative that actually works.

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