When Is Home Health Care a Good Option for Your Loved One?


Hiring a home health care professional to assist your loved one is a major step to take. This can impact your loved one’s finances as well as your own if you are contributing to the cost as well. It can also impact the overall quality of life that your loved one enjoys. Because this is such a major step to take, you may be wondering if home care assistance is a reasonable option to consider. Before you call home care agencies or set up service with an in-home nurse, think about these points.

When Your Loved One Wants to Remain at Home
There are alternatives to consider besides home care assistance. For example, your loved one may be cared for in a nursing home or long-term care facility. Many senior citizens, however, prefer to remain in their own homes for as long as possible. They may feel more comfortable and relaxed in this space. It can also help them to feel more active and vibrant even when they are dealing with serious health issues.

When a Long-Term Care Facility Is Not Practical
There are instances when a long-term care facility is not practical. For example, the only nearby facility may be booked with a waiting list a mile long. Perhaps it is too expensive or too far away from your own house to be suitable for your needs. Home care agencies allow the individual to remain at home in their current location while still getting the support and medical assistance they need on a regular basis.

When You Are No Longer Able to Care for Your Loved One
In some cases, adult children may have been caring for a loved one in their own home or in a nearby home. This is a common step that many adult children take, but this type of situation cannot last forever. Perhaps you are retiring and would like to start traveling more, or you may need to downsize to a smaller home as part of your retirement plan. Perhaps your loved one’s needs have grown beyond your current abilities, and you may need extra help.

There are many instances when using a home care agency makes sense. If you can relate to any of these situations or if you have another unique situation, now is the time to learn more about the different agencies available in your area. The services provided as well as availability, rates and more vary from agency to agency. It can be helpful to get some recommendations from your loved one’s physician and to read consumer reviews online before you decide which home care provider to hire.


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