11 Most Relaxing Candle Scents for Mental Health


Life can be tough sometimes, but you must take your mind off all these stress and strains. That’s when a warm cup of coffee, a soft blanket, or a soothing face mask comes in. However, relaxing candles balance all the above relaxants with their breathtaking scents and magnificent lighting. Maybe you’ve been searching for a fancy, satisfying way to calm down stress and uplift your soul; this is home.

Relaxing candles have more long-lasting calming effects than anything else on the planet. Whether trying to brighten your aromatherapy routine or want to feel relaxed occasionally, I’m sure you can’t miss a relaxing candle scent on our list. These natural candles are available in all sizes and shapes to help your choose the best for yourself.

We’ve compiled this list of the most relaxing candle scents for mental health. Take a deep breath as we dive in.

1. Lavender Relaxing Candles Scents

Lavender is popularly known for delivering sleep in the most relaxing way possible. It’s packed with fragrance oil with several calming aspects and can help you unwind, soothe stress, and release tension. Researchers have also spotlighted lavender-scented candles as an antidote to migraines, insomnia, and neurological disorders.

Maybe you’ve had a long, draining day at work; grab that relaxing lavender candle with a warm bath and some cool music, and you will have smooth sailing to the land of relaxation.

2. Rosemary Relaxing Candle Scents

You have probably used rosemary before, either in drinks or in cooking. Thus, you can tell how sweet its scent is. Well, it’s time to add this ‘nose killer’ to your aromatherapy routine and enjoy the relaxing and energizing properties.

If you require total concentration on your project, are suffering from physical and mental fatigue, or want to feel relaxed after a long week, rosemary scented candles top our list of suggestions.

3. Citrus Relaxing Candle Scents

Citrus is popularly known for its re-energizing and stimulation aspects, bringing relaxation to a foggy mind. Its sunshine smell is enough to make your home feel like a dreamland, if not heaven. With a citrus-scented relaxing candle, you can’t help but feel happy at home.

4. Vanilla Relaxing Candle Scents

What’s more relaxing than a mild vanilla-scented candle? This candle cannot afford to miss on your aromatherapy timetable due to its significant calming effects. It’s been credited with reducing stress, migraines, and general fatigue.

Additionally, it comes with the most relaxing feeling to the soul, not forgetting how your entire house will smell like a ‘house of cakes’ without necessarily having the cakes. Get that Vanilla scented candle to enjoy these benefits!

5. Peppermint Relaxing Candle Scents

You are missing the fun if you’ve never tried peppermint beyond your everyday cup of tea. The mild fresh peppermint-scented candles can’t help but send you into a relaxation mode for some good hours.

It’s evident from the ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks who used it as a mental health antidote, especially for people suffering from depression and anxiety. Peppermint is known for calming and refreshing effects for relieving stress away.

6. Basil Relaxing Candle Scents

While it’s mainly known for making pesto in oil form, basil candles also have distress and relaxing effects. You can choose between the basil candle, which is too aromatic, and sweet basil, which is a bit lighter in scent. This candle uplifts your moods for the most prolonged hours possible, offering a garden-fresh and captivating atmosphere.

7. Chamomile Relaxing Candle Scents

A plus one to your aromatherapy timetable, Chamomile scented candles come with calming and distressing properties. It’s proven from the Roman executives, who used it to dive into relaxation mode and fell asleep faster and sweeter.

We highly recommend Chamomile scented candles, especially during your waking hours, to keep you more productive through the day and less tired.

8. Eucalyptus Spearmint Relaxing Candle Scents

Spearmint is popularly known for its natural restive, and calming effects. When combined with eucalyptus, the pair becomes powerful to help you feel relaxed after days of ups and downs.

Additionally, eucalyptus helps cure respiratory problems and enables you to breathe better while you relax, thus having a double advantage.

9. Sea Breeze Relaxing Candle Scents

If you’re a sea lover, the sea breeze relaxing candle scent will send you there without physically being at sea. After all, what’s more, relaxing than chilling on the ocean shores with a glass of tropical wine in your hand?

Sea Breeze candles shower you with relaxation from head to toe, without the hassle of having to clean sand off your feet now and then.

10. Ylang Ylang Relaxing Candle Scents

You might not have heard the term Ylang Ylang, but you’ve probably smelled it before. It’s a typical fragrance in soaps, lotions, perfumes, and most importantly, in relaxing candles.

Ylang Ylang comes with a heavy sweet aroma that can help you calm down your thoughts after a stressful day. Sweep those negative vibes away with Ylang Ylang scented candles.

11. Cinnamon Relaxing Candle Scents

While this fragrance is mainly known for the winter holidays, I think it’s time it gets the credit for many other hidden benefits.

Cinnamon scented candles bring calmness and warmth to the body and mind after facing the hiccups of the day. Combine it with vanilla and watch your house smell like cookies.


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