14 Polished Concrete Floor Ideas for Buildings


Installing a polished concrete floor provides you with many options to have a hard, reliable, and borderline-indestructible floor and decorate it with different colours or aggregates. You may use hundreds of polished concrete floor ideas, each with its unique aesthetic and all high-quality polished concrete.

If you’re searching for a versatile type of flooring with unlimited options for colour and design, here are some polished concrete floor ideas that represent the material’s adaptability.

Idea #1: Add a single pigment

A single colour is simple and direct. Install a polished concrete floor in any colour of your choosing. If you’ve chosen a polished concrete floor for your business, use your brand colours. If the floor is located in a specific area, such as a garden center, consider what colour would complement the surrounding environment.

Idea #2: Neutral blank canvas

When in doubt, keep your polished concrete flooring neutrally toned and, in large part, resembling a blank canvas. This way, you can bring in different pieces and not worry about how they will compare with what’s already present colour-wise in the flooring.

Idea #3: Adorn it with a logo

Concrete can feel very cold and industrial. With a little colour, branding, and a logo, however, it becomes something else. If you have a business, a favourite sports team, or a mark in mind that you’d like to etch in your flooring, polished concrete has no limits.

Idea #4: Checkerboard pattern

A two-colour pattern, checkerboard-style, can turn a space into something extraordinary and exciting before you even do anything else for when you want your floor to say something vibrant and artistic, a checkerboard pattern or two-colour dual-style works.

Idea #5: Think of movement

Instead of arranging a checkerboard design like you normally might emphasize movement by turning it diagonally. This is an example of incorporating movement into your polished concrete floor. Think of the room’s flow and pathways and where you want to direct individuals.

Idea #6: Mix different types

Mix different types of polished concrete flooring in the same room or space. This sort of modern, highly stylish approach requires a careful eye. Combining floor types can help section off specific areas and emphasize unique design details.

Idea #7: Use across split levels

Another way to vary it up is if your space has split levels. Not every level has to be polished concrete or the same concrete style. Intermix colours and patterns as you see fit, giving the room a sleek look. Think of what you can do to avoid the room looking like a single pane and, instead, highlighting the architectural design.

Idea #8: Contrast furnishings

Think of what’s being put in the room. Furniture. Equipment. Colours. Textures. A polished concrete floor can contrast that in some beautiful ways, mixing the hard, urban style of the floor with warm timber or golden hues in the furniture. Think of this relationship when settling on a finished concrete floor design.

Idea #9: Think of texture

You can use the technique to create textures when you stain polished concrete a colour. Polished concrete can resemble natural stone, polished marble, tanned leather, stained wood, and more. If you have an aesthetic you think you would like, but it’s not quite as heavy-duty as concrete, consider how you may achieve a similar appearance with a stain and implied texture.

Idea #10: Geometric shapes

Differently sized geometric shapes – arranged in a tile format, circular, or otherwise – can attract the eye. This creates a less uniform style and can add fluidity to the room, making the area appear more playful and exciting.

Idea #11: Score and engravings

Beyond working with colours, stains, and dyes, another way to customize polished concrete is by scoring it. Engravings come in a range of techniques. All sorts of stunning, intricate patterns are within reach when working with a team of experts.

Idea #12: Add an overlay

An overlay can be several things, but it’s a way to apply a decorative element over your polished concrete flooring. It also happens to be a fantastic way to hide cracks and imperfections. Things you can use for an overlay include buttons, seeds, rock pebbles, glitters, glass chips, and coloured pieces. These elements can be arranged in a pattern or dropped abstractly and polished.

Idea #13: Color gradients

Another fantastic way to use colour is to use a gradient. Darker shades add depth and space. Lighter shades add openness and reflect sunlight better. Consider where you can go dark or light in the room and how to mingle the two in a unified polished concrete floor design.

Idea #14: Embrace imperfections

Concrete does not need to be perfect. Embrace the imperfections. Make markings. If it looks less refined and imperfect, that’s okay. There is beauty in what’s imperfect. Lend the room some character and history. When installing your polished concrete floor, think of ways to top it with something that adds a bit of personality.


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