6 Common Misconceptions about Personal Injury Lawsuits


Several misconceptions circulate the issue of personal injury law. Dispelling these misconceptions is essential because they are misleading and it helps in keeping the public informed and educated. Most people involved in motor vehicle accidents tend to shy away from filing ICBC law claims because of the misconceptions they have, and they think that they won’t get compensation.

1. They are all not genuine

People believe that people who take personal injury cases to court are in most instances faking the injuries. People have misconceptions that the victims play up the injuries so that they get sympathy from the court then walks away with big pay-offs. In reality, these people take the personal injury claims because they want to get their lives back. In fact, there is nothing pleasant about the claim process, and most victims wish that they could avoid the process.

2. All winners get cheques

Personal injury claims don’t always guarantee a win. Besides, it is not always a guarantee that the plaintiff will get a big payday. The truth is that most personal injury pay-offs are modest depending on when and if the accident occurred. Personal injury suits are geared towards bringing the lives of the injured to normal, and not to make them rich quickly.

3. Insurance will take care of everything

Most people believe that they don’t need to file ICBC law claims or personal injury cases when they have insurance, especially for car accidents. The truth is that insurance companies have vested interests in paying injured people as little money as they can. Personal injury cases are about compelling insurance companies to do the right thing because they usually compensate little money or they don’t compensate at all.

4. You need a personal injury lawyer

If you thought that you could handle personal injury cases without an attorney, then you are wrong. You need an experienced lawyer to represent you and avoid situations where insurance companies take advantage of accident victims. Additionally, you can’t just hire any lawyer; you need a qualified personal injury lawyer for the lawsuit. You might end up losing the case when you the work with a lawyer who isn’t qualified or experienced.

5. The more the medical bills, the more the settlement

Medical bills are essential in establishing damages; however, other factors are considered when determining the worth of a personal injury claim. Such factors include medical diagnosis, lost wages, circumstances surrounding the accident, non-economic losses, and disfigurement or permanency. Personal injury lawyers know how to help you get the compensation that you deserve.

6. Personal injury claims are easy

Personal injury claims require time, a lot of work and expertise. You need to understand various ways that types of coverage and insurance policies overlap to ensure that you get fair value for your claim as well as the things you need to prove the claim. You should know that insurance companies have lawyers who help them assert the arguments.


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