How to Improve Real Estate Agent Motivation


When the market is hot, selling real estate is a fast-paced industry, but there are slow times. Being an agent means balancing the needs of buyers and sellers while trying to deliver exactly what they want, and it requires constant effort to get the job done.

Unfortunately, you can get burned out with time spent prospecting, showing homes and filling out paperwork. Your enthusiasm and drive may wane after a while, affecting your business.

What can you do? Here are some tips on how to improve real estate motivation.

1. Follow a daily real estate routine

When we lose motivation as real estate agents, it could affect other aspects of our lives. You may start sleeping in or procrastinating in the office and neglecting your physical health. Get back on track by developing a winning routine.

Write down a daily activity schedule of when you get up in the morning, what you do before starting work, your daily work task list and what happens at night. Eat healthy meals simultaneously during the day and get a workout daily. When you start your work, go through your routine, whether it’s cold calling, following up on calls and emails, market research or hitting the streets to check out listings. After work, spend time with family and friends and get a good night’s sleep.

When you keep to a routine, you will be more productive and more motivated as you see positive results in all aspects of your life. To help you establish a routine, consider using productivity tools like a CRM for real estate agents. The CRM platform will streamline many daily tasks, freeing up your schedule and keeping all the info in an organized database.

2. Create a fun real estate office atmosphere

Office dynamics can affect performance and motivation because who wants to be cooped up in a small cubicle or room? Creating a better space with an upbeat vibe can change how people feel while working and raise their mood.

Consider re-orienting the office to make it more user-friendly. Think of how realtors do business out in the trenches. They meet for coffee, sit in people’s homes and relax at home on their computers doing research.

Set up a small cafe-style front office where your agents can meet clients and have a coffee at a table. It is less formal than behind a desk and just feels good. Put in a few couches where people can sit and work from and make sure it is wide open with lots of natural light. You will notice agents coming in more and gathering in groups while working together on listings and marketing. This layout makes the vibe more positive, interactive, and fun.

3. Recognize top real estate performers

It can get tough when you are not getting listings or sales, and this slump takes away your enthusiasm. If you can build your team up by creating a positive culture where effort and results are rewarded, this could be the secret sauce that motivates others.

Put up a chart to track the performance of your real estate team, so they know who is doing well. Make sure to recognize the achievements of top performers and ask them to share their methods of success with the team. Every agent wants to do well, and if they can learn some tricks of the trade, it may help motivate them to try harder and smarter so they can be recognized.

4. Find your purpose

It’s exciting when the market is on fire, and you are doing good business. It makes you want to keep going as hard as you can. But when motivation fades, you need something else to take its place to remain driven in your business.

Look to the reasons why you wanted to be a real estate agent. It could be for the freedom of self-employment, the desire to help people or even the allure of almost unlimited income potential. Whatever the reason you got into this profession, use it as the catalyst to keep you going. Having a clear purpose for what you do to earn an income is a prime motivator when the lustre of being an agent fades away.

5. Surround yourself with successful real estate agents

You are the company you keep, and habits, good or bad, spread like the common cold. If you find yourself hanging around with other agents that are unmotivated, upgrade to a better group. Look for the people that are killing it and start talking to them about their success to learn from it.

You will find that the way you talk about the industry will change, and you will have a more positive outlook on the market, no matter if it’s hot or not. Let the energy of those successful agents transform you and renew your motivation.

Finding and sustaining motivation as a real estate agent keeps you going throughout the day. Use these tips to improve your motivation and those around you so you all continue down the path towards success.


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