The 6 Best Plastic Surgery Procedures to Look Younger


The many types of plastic surgeries that are used as effective anti-aging treatments are on the rise. With the use of technology, plastic surgeons are able to transform wrinkled, sunken skin into a youthful, plump complexion. For those who are interested in looking younger, read this list of the 6 best plastic surgery procedures that effectively restore a youthful appearance.

1. Blepharoplasty

As an individual ages, he or she will develop bags under the eyes. A blepharoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures for treating eye bags. When an individual has a blepharoplasty, excess fat that has accumulated below the eyes will be removed and skin will be tightened as well. The procedure is simple, only takes a few hours, and is usually performed on an outpatient basis. Most individuals will notice the full results 6-12 months following the procedure.

2. Facelift

A facelift, which is also known as a Rhytidectomy, will give an individual a relaxed and younger appearance. In order to be a suitable candidate for a facelift, an indiviudal should have adequate skin elasticity to ensure the procedure is effective. In most patients, the recommended age for a facelift is 80 years old or younger. However, there are exceptions based on the condition of the individual. A plastic surgeon will remove excess skin and tighten skin to smooth out wrinkles during a facelift. A facelift may require a few days stay in the hospital, and it will take up to six months for scaring to heal.

3. Neck Lift

A neck lift is a surgical procedure that eliminates excess skin around the neck, which is also known as turkey neck. This procedure is most effective in those over the age of 50 and is the most common neck rejuvenation treatment. A neck lift procedure only takes a few hours, and the patient will be required keep bandages on his or her neck for up to three days. A drainage tube will also be used to drain fluid for the first few days following the procedure.

4. Liposuction

An individual’s metabolism slows with age, which can make it difficult to burn fat. Liposuction is a procedure that removes excess fat from areas of the body that include the neck, thighs, stomach, arms, and more. There are many procedural methods that are used to perform liposuction that vary based on preoperative and postoperative factors.

5. Lip Augmentation

Lips that are discolored and thin can easily show an individual’s age. Receding lips can be caused by a wide range of issues such as environmental damage, collagen loss, and smoking. A plastic surgeon performing a lip augmentation will cut under the nose and lift the skin between the lip and nose and roll the skin toward the nose. Excess skin will be removed and remaining skin will be reattached to lift the vermilion. The result is younger and fuller lips. Dermal fillers can also be used to perform lip augmentations, which are temporary and require less recovery time. In most cases, temporary fillers will last up to one year.

6. Abdominoplasty

An abdominoplasty, which is known as a tummy tuck, is an effective way to remove loose, sagging skin in the abdomen. Most women who have given birth will experience loose skin and stretch marks, which can be treated with a tummy tuck procedure. A tummy tuck is more complex than liposuction because a plastic surgeon will cut across the lower section of the abdomen to remove excess skin and fat and reattach the remaining skin to the abdominal muscles. A tummy tuck will require about a month of recovery time with scars healing in about six months.

There are many types of plastic surgeries that are used among millions to achieve a younger and more attractive look. Plastic surgery procedures are a safe way for individuals to boost confidence and fight the signs of aging.


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