7 Important Tips to Use for Fixing Your Eavestrough Leak


When it comes to home maintenance, you may have to contend with your first never-ending job. No matter what time of the year, there will always be something to clean up or repair. Some areas may be pretty durable, but unfortunately, they will not last the test of time. Take, for example, the components on the exterior of your property.

The eavestrough will have one function: to help eject water and materials from the roof area. Down the line, this exterior component can eventually suffer from various leaks. The structure could have cracks or may suffer from more complicated problems. 

Use the following to repair the eavestrough and get it back to a good status.

Initial Preparation 

As is the case with any work area, you will first have to prepare the space in which you work. When it comes to repairing the eavestrough, this is no different. First, grab the right supplies and materials needed for the fix. You will generally have to use a ladder if the leak emanates from a higher level than where you stand.

If materials from the eavestrough happen to fall, having an old rag covering the ground can sustain cleanliness. The less work you have to do after the fix, the better off you will be. Moreover, the right patching materials will be key depending on the leak’s extent. Thus, you will have to determine what you are working with initially.

Professional Service 

At some point, all the efforts in investigating and fixing the leak can be to no avail. If this happens, you may have to call in a professional. There are various experts available who can help sort out the leak issue in and around the eavestrough. Then, you will not have to worry about its status for the long term!

Leak Source 

The base materials you have gathered will help to expedite the process. Grab your ladderand climb up a bit to start the initial inspection. You will have to do an eye test here and see if you can locate the actual leak source. Generally speaking, your eavestrough could have a crack in the system that ruins its overall function.

These cracks could be near the top of the structure, as this area is more vulnerable to external harm. If it is not, look around other parts of the gutter to see where it may have been harmed. Sooner or later, you will have found the source of the leak, and you can begin the repair process.


If cracks are not your main issue, there could also be a security problem. An eavestrough that has not been fastened to your home’s roof properly can produce significant issues. If your gutter is loose, this can be the impetus for other issues, like leaking. As a result, you will have to fasten the gutter to its original position again.

In many cases, rust may be the reason for the eavestrough loosening long-term. Grab the right eavestrough cleaning materials to eliminate the superficial rust on the gutter. Once the grimy material has been removed, turn your attention to the fastening mechanism. By nailing the eavestrough back to its normal position, you will be good to go.

Drip Edges 

In many cases, the leak may be emanating from a peculiar source. While there may not be anything wrong superficially, water may still fall out of the gutter bizarrely. The reasoning behind this is that the eavestrough does not have apron-like support. A great way to get around this is to install a drip edge.

Also known as a gutter apron, a drip edge is an L-shaped metal attached to the roof’s edge. Once installed accordingly, any potential leaks between the eavestrough and wall can be patched up. A good drip edge also acts as a reinforcement to your eavestrough in general. This stops any internal issues from arising down the line.

Downspout Issues 

There may also be problems with the eavestrough’s downspout. If this happens to you, a downspout strap can be purchased to prevent the unordinary expelling of water. The metal bracket is screwed into the side of the home, holding the downspout in place.

Regular Inspection

Eventually, you will have patched up the eavestrough, and the leaking issue will be fixed. However, do not ignore the gutter once it has been patched. Keep your eyes peeled for unusual water dripping, and promptly fix the gutter if needed.


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