10 Best Incense for Meditation Sessions


Incense can help you prepare for a relaxing meditation. With the right scent, you can introduce a soothing atmosphere and ambiance. It will alleviate the stress holding you to your current environment. Incense can be a fantastic aid to enhance meditation sessions, leading to positive mental health.

With lots of incense types to try, the best incense for meditation is one that resonates with you. It should be a scent that you enjoy. Among meditation practitioners, there are some common and popular incense recommendations. Let’s check out the 10 best incense for meditation sessions.

1. Sage incense for meditation

Sage is a scent that will cleanse and purify a space. Filling the room with this powerful incense helps clear away negative energy before and during meditation. You may have heard about burning sage, crystals, or specific items to cleanse a room. Sage incense works similarly. This scent may comfort individuals trying to leave the past in the past and move ahead in good spirits.

2. Lotus incense for meditation

Lotus incense elevates the mood. These incense scents calm you, providing emotional clarity during and after meditation. This incense is one of the few fragrances on this list that does not have a deep spiritual meaning. Instead, lotus incense is mainly tied to aromatherapy. 

Lotus is not a particularly strong scent, subtle and reminiscent of flowers. Some believe this scent may help with happiness and romance. However, it is more closely associated with therapeutic healing and clarity.

3. Frankincense for meditation

Frankincense is a common and traditional incense for meditation. It has an earthy, woodsy scent with a touch of citrus. Frankincense has been scientifically tested and proven to affect the cerebral cortex and limbic systems. This incense transfers phytochemicals into the body and relaxes those breathing it in. There is also a lot of spiritual intent. Its usage goes back centuries for religious and spiritual purposes.

4. Ylang Ylang incense for meditation

Ylang-ylang incense calms and comforts you during meditations. Ylang-ylang is routinely considered one of the best-smelling incent scents for beginners because of its floral tones. When you burn it, you will immediately be hit with the florals that dominate the fragrance. 

As for its use, this is an ideal incense if you have energy that feels out of balance. It may also help lift the negative energy surrounding you or prevent you from moving forward. Meditation with ylang-ylang incense may be a way to overcome these challenges and regain inner peace.

5. Rose incense for meditation

Like ylang-ylang, a rose is also a floral incense. However, the rose is sweeter and a lot stronger. For this reason, rose incense may not be for everyone. But if you enjoy floral smells, you won’t find a stronger fragrance than rose. 

Meditation with a strong incense can be beneficial if you’re somewhere with a lot of auditory and visual noise. Consider it a way to block out what’s around you. You feel more deeply connected with love, empathy, and compassion than what’s possible with other meditation incense types.

6. Sandalwood incense for meditation

Sandalwood has a calming aroma. It is closely associated with enhanced concentration and meditation. The benefit of using incense like sandalwood for meditation is that it’s easy to ground oneself in the experience. 

Many people use pure sandalwood as incense. However, there are blends where you use sandalwood as a base note and blend it with rose, geranium, bergamot, frankincense, or marjoram. It’s a very dynamic scent in that respect.

7. Amber incense for meditation

Amber incense is sweet and woodsy. Some floral notes run through it as well. Pure amber resin all on its own is very fragrant and almost perfume-esque, but amber incense is made slightly differently with other ingredients involved. 

Over time, amber has been closely linked to meditation, healing, and purification. In addition, some people associate it with love, luck, or deepening one’s emotional and spiritual balance.

8. Lavender incense for meditation

Lots of people like lavender. It’s a popular scent in North America, often used in natural scent-based sleep remedies and calming essential oils. Lavender has been used for centuries in countries like India as an anti-depressant to relieve anxiety and mental tension. If you want to incorporate these elements into meditation and mindfulness, choosing lavender incense can achieve that.

9. Cinnamon incense for meditation

Cinnamon incense enhances mental clarity and is known to stir up good energy in the body. After meditating with the cinnamon scent in the room, don’t be surprised if you leave purposeful and focused on the rest of your day. To some, the cinnamon spice can be overpowering when taken in high amounts. In contrast, cinnamon incense is a lot less intense. It’s often used spiritually to keep evil spirits away and is a sacred scent.

10. Cedarwood incense for meditation

Cedarwood is a woodsy, grounding scent. Cedarwood and comparable scents (like pine) are perfect if you enjoy being out in nature. Cedar is often the scent chosen during indigenous sweat lodge ceremonies. In addition, it has several applications in traditional medicine. 

Burning cedarwood incense will help you relax and increase focus, aiding one’s intent as you meditate. It’s associated with helping relieve symptoms of nervous tension, anxiety, insomnia, and depression.


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