4 Key Differences Between Goat Milk and Cow’s Milk


When your doctor tells you to drink milk, the first thing that comes to mind is cow’s milk. Just because cow’s milk is the most popular product on the market doesn’t mean it’s the best. Goat milk is a more nutritious option. Here are some key differences between these two kinds of milk.

1. Texture and Flavour

When it comes to milk sourced from animals, goat milk is a far better choice than cow’s milk. Milk sourced from animals has a different taste and texture depending on the procedures used to milk them. Goat milk formula is thicker than cow’s milk. Plus, goat milk is the sweeter of these two kinds of milk. If you are in doubt, there’s only one way to find out – try both kinds.

2. Ease of Digestion

Many people avoid drinking milk due to dairy allergies and lactose intolerance. There’s no denying the fact that goat milk is a dairy product, but it is structured differently. Unfortunately, many people feel sick after drinking cow’s milk. This is not the case with goat milk as it has a similar protein composition to human milk, making it much easier for humans to digest.

Unlike cow’s milk, goat milk contains a lower lactose and acidic content. While cow’s milk will take your body about two hours to digest, it takes your body approximately 30 minutes to absorb the nutrients in goat milk.

3. Nutrition

Animal milk is a great source of nutrition. By taking a closer look at the nutrients contained in cow and goat milk, you will discover that the latter offers more in terms of nutrients. Goat milk contains more calcium, zinc, and selenium. The body uses a higher percentage of nutrients than when drinking cow’s milk. That’s not all. Goat’s milk helps improve good cholesterol levels while eliminating bad cholesterol as well. Just like olive oil, milk sourced from goats can be used for treating high cholesterol. What’s more, drinking goat’s milk more often helps improve your skin tone and texture because it has a high concentration of vitamin A. If you are battling with acne or other skin-related issues, taking supplements or products that contain high levels of vitamin A, such as goat milk, can provide a lasting solution to your problem.

4. Environmental Impact

For those who take environmental health seriously, you should know that cow farming has a greater environmental impact than goat farming. Due to their smaller size, goats don’t take up much space compared to their bigger cousin – cows. In an area that could accommodate four cows, you can keep 12 goats. Plus, goat farming requires less land for grazing. When you consume goat milk, you’re contributing to making the world a better, more environmentally friendly place.

There’s no denying the fact that goat milk has far greater health and environmental benefits over cow’s milk. However, it’s important always to purchase your milk from a company that adheres and complies with industry standards. Even if you’re allergic to drinking milk, you can enjoy goat milk without any suffering.


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