9 Backyard Privacy Ideas for Mental Wellness


There are different reasons why you might want some more privacy while you spend time in your backyard.

Perhaps you have nosy neighbours. Or perhaps you are interested in garden suites, but you want to ensure that your family and the strangers who could rent a suite in your backyard can enjoy spending time outside.

Here are nine backyard privacy ideas for your home. Some are pretty simple and affordable to set up, while others will require more effort and a bigger budget.

Idea #1: Get a patio umbrella

If you don’t want to be stared at by anyone who could be looking down a second-story window, a patio umbrella could do the trick.

If you don’t have a patio table, you could get a freestanding umbrella, which you can put up anywhere you want in your backyard. And, of course, while offering you some privacy, your patio umbrella will provide shade and protect you from the rain.

Idea #2: Add curtains to your patio

Beautiful outdoor curtains can be installed around your patio without too much work. You can close them whenever you want some privacy or protection from harsh sun rays.

Curtains could be all it takes to transform your patio into a nice outdoor dining room. Plus, they could help protect you from mosquitoes.

If your garden suite has a patio, add a set of outdoor curtains to it as well.

Idea #3: Put up privacy screens

Wooden privacy screens come in different colours and designs. They can be attached to a patio or a fence to make an area of your backyard feel enclosed and more private.

There are also freestanding privacy screens which can be anchored to the ground. These could be useful to separate your backyard into different areas, which can be a very good idea if you want to share your outdoor space with the tenants of your garden suite.

Idea #4: Install a pergola

While a pergola can be freestanding, it’s usually installed permanently on a deck or a patio. Unlike a gazebo, a pergola has a partially open roof, so it’s ineffective at protecting you from the elements.

It can, however, provide shade and privacy, especially if you pair it with outdoor curtains. Your pergola could become a comfortable outdoor dining room or simply an area where you can relax.

Plus, a pergola that matches the style of your home is sure to increase its curb appeal.

Idea #5: Get a gazebo

Gazebos are usually freestanding structures; a light one will be easy to move around your backyard whenever you need privacy.

With its enclosed roof system, your gazebo would also protect you from the sun or the rain, allowing you to enjoy your backyard even when the temperature is not that appealing.

A gazebo can be fully closed with screens or curtains, providing you with all the privacy you want.

Idea #6: Hang a shade sail

If you want a stylish backyard privacy idea that can be installed permanently, you could opt for a shade sail.

A shade sail is perfect for creating a shaded area in your backyard. But if you have neighbours who can easily look down into your backyard, setting up a patio table or a few comfortable chairs under a large shade sail will give you all the privacy you need.

Idea #7: Set up a private corner with lattice

Lattice panels, made from wood or plastic, can also provide privacy to certain backyard areas.

If you love working with tools and feel creative, you could set up a private corner with a small deck and lattice panels. Plus, the lattice can be perfect to support the growth of climbing plants, which will help make your private area even more private.

Idea #8: Build a fence

Building a fence is a popular way to enclose your backyard while giving you a lot of privacy. If you have a dog, a fence is also a good way to allow him to run around while ensuring he stays in your backyard.

Whether you build your fence from scratch or use decorative fence panels, make sure it matches the style of your home to increase its visual interest and curb appeal.

Idea #9: Plant a hedge

Instead of a fence, you could enclose your backyard with a tall hedge. A cedar hedge, for example, will stay beautiful all year round while providing you with valuable privacy. But, of course, you will need to maintain that hedge to help it stay beautiful.

And if you would only like to enclose a small area of your backyard, you could arrange planters with tall plants in them.


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