How to Stop Hair Loss from Stress


Throughout our lives, there are various feelings you will have as part of the human experience. From being at your highest of highs to hitting rock bottom, every emotion experienced is something to be expected. However, if you cannot regulate your emotions, they may result in some unintended physical side effects.

For example, large amounts of daily stress will sporadically result in hair loss. If you cannot manage your stress, your hair loss can accelerate. Fortunately for your circumstances, there are a ton of ways in which you can stop this from taking place.

Consider the following when it comes to saving your hair from stress.

Find the Source

Before using different strategies to save your hair, you must figure out why you are stressed. Of course, this may be easier said than done after that; stress can come from varying places. However, paying attention to how you feel when confronted with certain life experiences is crucial.

Sometimes, these experiences can be turned around with enough effort and luck. Your hairline will decrease once you do this, and your stress will be dramatically reduced. Always ask for support if you are unable to do this yourself. A hair salon can give you a professional diagnosis about the condition of your hair.


The positive effects of physical exercise are well known at this point. From feeling a good rush from the gym to building muscle, exercise is crucial for our bodies to stay in shape. Moreover, many bouts of physical exercise do not need to be difficult either. The main recommendation is to simply move around and physically exert yourself.

If you keep this routine consistent, you will see a sharp decline in your stress. In turn, this results in hair loss being stopped without delay. Try to sneak in at least thirty minutes of exercise each day. With the right goals in mind, your health and hair will be sustained for the long term.

Relaxation Techniques

In our current day and age, a lot more emphasis is put on our mental health. In addition to our emotional well-being, our mental health is pivotal to keep in check. By using one of several relaxation techniques, you will feel the stress in your body dissipating. Start by taking deep breaths for about thirty seconds when you wake up for the day.

Inhale for about ten seconds, then slowly exhale the air you just took. Moreover, other relaxation strategies can come in the form of yoga and meditation. The latter is especially vital for those wanting to empty their minds and find inner peace. The long-term impacts of this prevent hair loss from occurring.

Seeing Loved Ones

You want to surround yourself with good energy at the end of the day. Therefore, speak and interact with your loved ones when you can. While most of us lead busy lives, we can always make the time for those we care about. Put together an outing with your partner, family members, or friends, and try something fun.

The resulting events will feel quite nice on your being and soul. In addition, this type of energy translates to physical benefits, which puts hair loss at bay. Keep this consistent, even as the time in your schedule becomes obstructed. It will put a smile on your face every single time!

Medicinal Treatments

For some patients, there may be opportunities available to stop hair loss through a topical treatment. These products, such as Minoxidil, are applied daily to a person’s hair. When used constantly, more hair will not fall out from the affected area. Speak to a doctor about this to see what should be pursued.


Surgery may be worth it in the more drastic scenarios where stress has resulted in major hair loss. Hair transplants are becoming much more commonplace and can treat hair follicles positively.

If you are considering one, visit the right specialists and ask them questions. That way, when ready, you will be comfortable moving forward with the procedure.

Dietary Needs

The foods you consume daily may also impact the hair loss you are experiencing. In this regard, eat foods high in vitamins and minerals. These not only make the body feel great, but they are key when keeping stress at bay. Combine a good diet with other techniques for stopping hair loss, and you will see a huge, positive impact!


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