What Services Are Offered in a Hearing Clinic?


Hearing loss can be a devastating experience that creates a communication barrier between you and your loved ones. Maintaining a proper hearing efficiency using hearing aids establishes that needed connection with your environment and allows you to enjoy life to the fullest.

A hearing clinic uses advanced hearing technologies to customize a solution based on your individual hearing needs to reconnect you with your world.

How Hearing Aids Work

Hearing gadgets are not a one-size-fits-all. They are tailor made for individuals depending on the nature of your hearing defect. However, some basic features are shared across the board. In simple terms, it helps you grasp the sounds you’re missing. The more advanced hearing aids help you to hear as naturally as possible.

The Components of Hearing Aids

Hearing enhancements come in different designs and strengths, however, the basic components include:
• Double microphones for sound pick-up.
• A programmable amplifier to boost the sound.
• A tiny loudspeaker for receiving the sound and sending it to your ears.
• A mold or tip going into the shell for custom instruments.
• A battery to power the instrument.

How to Choose the Right Hearing Instrument that Suits your Needs

Choosing the right hearing instrument is the first step towards a successful lifestyle. After carrying out a hearing assessment, there are three basic factors to consider as you make this decision:

• Your preferred style and design.
• Your hearing abilities and communication needs.
• Financial matters and other personal preferences.

Other services offered by an audiologist include:

1) Cerumen Removal

Individuals who use hearing enhancements may develop cerumen or ear wax over time which may interfere your comfort or your hearing ability.

2) Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations

Patient consulting allows an audiologist to test your hearing capability using low and high-frequency sounds. You may also be given some words to repeat and ascertain your ability to hear verbiage within a conversation. This helps to determine the percentage of hearing loss you’ve suffered and design a hearing aid that will improve your hearing ability.

3) Accessories for your Cell Phone

You may need custom earmolds to use with your cell phone headrest, hands-free devices, and Bluetooth compatibles.

4) Screening for Industrial Hearing

Certain industries subject their employees to regular hearing tests to avert the risks of hearing loss due to excessive noise within the work environment. As an employee, you should strive to seek for industrial hearing screening services to meet the requirements set by OSHA.

5) Musician’s Ear Plugs

Musicians perform and practice in various settings. This exposes them to high levels of noise which may cause serious hearing effects or even permanent hearing damage. Musician’s ear plugs are tailor made devices that limit the exposure to destructive sounds while still providing a good musical experience for the audience and the musician.


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