The Advantages of Medical Scrubs


Nearly anyone who has worked in the medical field has worn scrubs at some point. While this is the common uniform worn by doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals, many people do not understand why they are so prevalent. Medical scrubs offer many benefits to those who wear them, as well as their patients.

Keeping Things Sanitary

Medical scrubs serve as a protective covering for health professionals. Their full coverage design protects the wearer from bodily fluids or other dangerous spills. Frequently, doctors change into scrubs after arriving at work, or prior to beginning a surgery. This is to protect the patient. Doctors, nurses, and other individuals can carry infectious germs in on their clothing. Scrubs, which can be cleaned and sanitized, prevent the spread of infection.

Sturdy Materials

As noted above, it is important for hospitals and other locations to be kept sanitary for patients. Medical scrubs are comprised of material that is easy to clean. Their study nature allows the product to undergo rigorous cleaning. Frequently, hospitals or other locations sanitize scrubs in an autoclave. An autoclave is a high temperature oven that kills bacteria and other infectious organisms. Most articles of clothing are not built to withstand this heat. However, scrubs are built without snaps or other materials that may become damaged from high temperatures.

Provide Comfort

Medical professionals spend a lot of their time on their feet. Many of these individuals spend time lifting patients, taking vitals, or operating. This physical work requires the ability to move. Scrubs, which feature loose fitting sleeves and pant legs, as well as elasticized waists, allow those wearing them to move comfortably. This ensures that doctors and nurses can complete their job, and maintain their comfort, as well.

Available in Many Styles

In the old days, most scrubs were offered in white. However, many manufacturers now offer a variety of colors and patterns. Although white may look traditional, it is a very difficult color to keep clean. Now most individuals who are at risk for stains choose a blue or green color. Stain removal is much easier on these darker fabrics. Those working in venues where they are unlikely to get stains may still wear the more classic white scrubs. In addition to these more sedate styles, scrubs are available in many other colors. Whether looking for a pink, yellow, or something in between, scrubs can be found in any color. Different designs, including cartoon characters, flowers, or even breast cancer ribbons, can also be purchased. Many medical professionals choose these styles as a way to interact with patients that may enjoy the humor or inspiration that certain designs can bring.

Not Just For Health Professionals

Medical scrubs are clearly the style of choice for health professionals. However, scrubs are easily accessible to others. Many people choose scrubs as a cheap, comfortable, and easy to clean option for activities where they may get dirty. Whether a doctor, nurse, or someone who simply appreciates the utility, scrubs are a valuable resource.


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