Types of Child Care Services in Canada


Many working parents rely on child care services as they are not available to take care of their children round the clock. There are many child care options to choose from and making this decision is not easy for many parents. It is a big decision to make and it is, therefore, essential for parents to know the facts in order to make the right choice for their children.

Types of Child Care Services

Some of the common types of child care services in Canada include:

Licensed Child Care Centers

These centers care for children of all ages. They have to be approved by the Ministry of Education before they can start taking in children and are regularly inspected as well. They operate in various places including schools, churches and even workplaces.

Home Visitors

Home visitors are employed by private childcare agencies. The agencies routinely inspect homes to ensure they meet all the required standards and also screen the caregivers before putting any children under their care. Home visitors give home caregivers nutrition advice and help them select age-appropriate toys for the kids under their care. The Ministry of Education carries out annual inspections of the private childcare agencies and the homes children are placed in to ascertain that they are safe for children and meet all the minimum requirements.

Licensed Home Childcare

This type of childcare is provided in homes by caregivers who are appointed by agencies that are ministry-approved. It is suitable for children who have not yet started school. It has numerous benefits including the fact that the homes are frequently inspected to ensure they meet all the required standards.

In addition to the above types of childcare services, there are also unlicensed daycare and kindergarten programs which take care of children before and after school. An unlicensed caregiver is not allowed to have more than 5 children aged 5 and below under his/her care.

Child Care Advantage

Child Care Advantage is a Canadian online service that helps connect childcare centers with qualified caregivers. Thanks to this service, childcare centers need not waste time looking for qualified professionals to work for them as recruitment can be done quickly and effectively. The service is affordable and easily accessible by all childcare centers. The staff at Child Care Advantage are trained and highly experienced in human resources management and Early Childhood Education and therefore understand the recruitment process inside out.

Final Thoughts

Child care service providers are highly regulated by the Ministry of Education. Accordingly, you can be sure that your child will be safe in their hands. You no longer have to worry about leaving your child under a stranger’s care. The benefits of childcare are numerous, including the fact that childcare expenses can save you quite a lot in taxes. You can get a tax credit by claiming childcare costs as a deduction from your monthly income. Give yourself some peace of mind and save money while at it by taking advantage of childcare services.


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