5 Dental Implant Mistakes to Avoid


Dental implants offer an excellent solution to missing teeth. The implants replace the entire structure of a missing tooth, which ensures that patients do not suffer bone loss in the jaw. Dental implants are an expensive and lengthy surgical process that should not be taken for granted. Patients ought to be aware of disasters and mistakes to avoid before they opt for implants.

1. Not performing thorough research

It is a golden rule than an informed customer makes wise decisions on the right products to purchase. Consumers research before they invest or buy homes so that they can get one that falls within their budget as well as the one that fits their specific needs. Similarly, patients interested in dental implants Toronto should thoroughly research the procedure before they begin. Unfortunately, most patients undergo the dental implant procedure without understanding its cost, lifestyles or medical conditions that may affect it, and what to expect after the surgical procedure. You need to avoid this pitfall by understanding the procedure before you undergo it.

2. Assuming you don’t qualify for implants

The other mistake most people make when it comes to implants is thinking that they are not candidates for them, yet they are eligible for the dental procedure. Patients can confirm such information with their dentists to be sure that they qualify, rather than assuming that they don’t. Generally, people with medical conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes, smoke or chew tobacco, and poor oral hygiene don’t qualify for implants. However, you should liaise with your dentist before opting for a dental implant.

3. Using poor quality implants

You do not want to go through the procedure of removing implants one or a few months after being placed because they were low-quality. Patients should ensure that they choose high-quality implants that will last for several years and offer them health benefits. Make sure you consult your dentist on the implants that meet the set standards and fit your individual needs.

4. Failure to allow enough recovery time

Dental implants form a stable bond with your bones to ensure that they serve their purpose. However, this can only happen when patients allow the implants enough time to heal. Unfortunately, several patients make the mistake of brushing immediately after the procedure, taking hot meals, and chewing harsh or hard foods. These practices reduce the recovery process, while also preventing implants from bonding well with the bones.

5. Falling for offers that are too good to be true

You might have come across several deals offering you discounts. Unfortunately, most of these too good deals are lies, yet patients fall for them. To avoid falling for this pitfall, patients should avoid shortcuts like fast and cheap implants.


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